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New York Criminal Defense Attorney

The Best Criminal Defense is An Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney in NYC

Former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Andrew M. Stengel provides aggressive representation for misdemeanors and felonies in New York City, Westchester, Nassau and the surrounding counties.

If you have never been arrested before—and even if you have—you deserve an experienced criminal lawyer who will go above and beyond: to devote an extraordinary amount of energy on your case and take the time to explain the criminal process to you and answer every question that you have. Whether the charge is Driving While Intoxicated, Assault, related to Domestic Violence, Possession of a Weapon, Sale / Possession of a Controlled Substance or Marijuana, Forcible Touching, to name just a few, Andrew M. Stengel is that criminal defense attorney.

The Law Firm of Andrew M. Stengel

You don’t have to face criminal charges alone, and you shouldn’t rely on the first attorney whose name appears on Google. You want an ally who understands your concerns and is prepared to fight for you. I strive to provide the same high-quality representation to all of my clients.

Facing Charges in NYC?

If you’ve been arrested for or charged with a crime in NYC, get help right now.

What Clients Say

  • Andrew is an smart, aggressive and hard-working lawyer. He is always available to answer questions. I have never felt rushed, or put off. In my experience, he not only answered my questions, but took the time to explain completely why, and to make sure I really understood the entire situation. It is nice to find to find someone who has both the ability AND the patience.

  • Andrew is an intelligent attorney with a commanding presence that works to his client's advantage in a courtroom. He has experience handling a wide array of criminal matters including violent crimes, DWIs and weapons possession--and he has a dozen trials under his belt. As a former prosecutor he knows the best deals he can get for his clients. Andrew's phone number is one that I would give my clients if they had a criminal matter arise.

  • Andrew is a professional attorney with excellent communication skills. Bringing him on my case was very helpful as it provided me with clear insight as to how the situation was evolving and the options that were available to me. His expert knowledge of the law related to my judicial proceedings, was crucial in defining a strategy that helped me make the best decision. In all instances, Andrew always proved to work with integrity and honesty; He is clearly somebody that I can trust.

  • I never have been in trouble before and needed representation for a misdemeanor. I contacted many lawyers about my case and Mr. Stengel provided me with answers to my questions right over the phone. His aggressive representation not only got my case dismissed but sealed as well. Very pleased with the outcome and I would highly recommend his services.

  • My license was revoked a few years ago after a DWI that was bs. I got arrested in both the City and on Long Island for driving without a license and was facing jail time. Andrew got me out of trouble with violations and fines in the City and Long Island instead of criminal convictions and jail. I recommend Andrew for any criminal charge. He was available to talk and explain things and fought really hard for me like a champ. Better call Stengel!

    Anonymous Client
  • I've never had to deal with the criminal justice system before. I also drive for a living so the thought of losing my license was scary. After receiving a DUI I hired Andrew - the smartest thing I've ever done. The thing that sticks out most to me is how responsive he was. He always returned calls and emails and I never felt as though he was leaving me hanging. He was also very good at explaining my specific options at every step and making a recommendation, but I felt like I was in control of the process. Putting all of that aside, I still have my job, and I still have my license - that's thanks to Andrew.

    Anonymous Client
  • I hired Andrew Stengel for an assault case. Mr. Stengel was extremely proactive and competent throughout the whole ordeal. He was highly responsive, aggressive when necessary, and gentle when needed. Eventually the case was conditionally dismissed due to Mr. Stengel's diligence.

    Anonymous Client
  • I was never in trouble before and then I was arrested after being accused of shoplifting in New York City. I was really worried about my criminal case, but when I met Andrew he put my mind at ease. He was very kind, explained every step of the process in ways that were easy to understand and he was available to me whenever I needed anything. Andrew got my case dismissed. I would trust Andrew to represent me for any legal problem.

  • I've never gotten into any kind of trouble before nor did I ever need a lawyer. Then one day I was accused of a sex crime. Since I am a teacher I realized I needed a lawyer. Not just any lawyer but one that would get me out of trouble and would save my career. I called a few lawyers and wasn’t impressed. Then I met Andrew and I hired him immediately. He developed a case strategy and in the end, thanks to Andrew, I was able to avoid a criminal record or counseling, which would have ended my career.During my case. I would call Andrew and constantly ask questions. He answered all of my questions always making sure that I was comfortable with the answers. Andrew was always available to me and answered every question at every step of the way. Andrew cared for me not only as a lawyer but like a good friend.

    Anonymous Client
  • I was arrested for larceny and Andrew got my case dismiss and he was so kind and answer all my question because i never got in trouble before. He will give you 100% of his time. I will recommend him to anybody that is in trouble.

    Anonymous Client
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